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LED television

VIERA TX-50CX700E - Ultra HD LED 3D Smart Television

  • Silver
  • Quad Core Pro processor
  • LED back-lighting technology
  • 50 inch TV

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PANASONIC LED television VIERA TX-50CX700E - Ultra HD LED 3D Smart Television

Your TV digital viewing experience just got even smarter with the VIERA TX-50CX700E television from Panasonic

The TV that brings a superb 4K UHD image to the very latest connected entertainment innovations for the TV experience of the future!This 3D Active TV screen features a Quad Core Pro processor that optimises the image you see.  It really pulls out all the stops to deliver the ultimate viewing experience: the VIERA TX50CX700E combines LED back-lighting technology with Local Dimming and Studio Master Colour technology for greater purity of colour and more subtle shades.  This 50" (126 cm) television also benefits from an improved 800Hz scanning frequency bringing you exceptionally crisp, clear images.The Panasonic TX 50 CX700E is also a Smart TV that benefits from the very latest technological advances so that you get the very best connected TV viewing experience. The my Stream service recommends TV programmes, videos and YouTube content that matches your preferences, and the TV Anywhere functions mean that you can enjoy your content wherever you are via the Cloud. You can also make the most of the multimedia content that you have within your home audio-visual network and your mobile devices with the VIERA TX50-CX700E television:  as well as having DLNA and WiFi Direct for optimum wireless and wired coverage, this Panasonic TV is compatible with Display Mirroring functions and Multiroom use via its In-House TV Streaming function, so that you can enjoy content that's on your mobile phone on the big screen, as well as watching TV programmes on other connected screens. Enjoy the TV of the future today with the VIERA TX-50CX700E from Panasonic!In order to make the most of the 3D Active technology of this Panasonic TV, you will need a pair of compatible glasses. This TV has no DVB T2 tuner.