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General Operating Terms and Conditions

The general operating terms and conditions regarding the use of the website (hereafter referred to as: Clickico) are drawn up in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot-UPB2) and the international codes of e-commerce. The terms and conditions refer to the working conditions of the Clickico website and the business relations between the Clickico Ltd. (hereafter referred to as: Clickico), third party legal entities (hereafter referred to as: partners) and Clickico users (hereafter referred to as: users).

Through the Clickico website the Clickico company offers management services for the website and its contents, the implementation and supervision of financial transactions, the organization and intermediation in the sale of goods/products, and the advertising of the resellers' goods/products.

The stated business terms and conditions determine the rules related to the use of the Clickico website for buyers and apply equally to all users of the Clickico website. When using this website and through registration, the buyers state that they accept these terms and conditions and agree to use the Clickico websites in accordance to them. The users are responsible for the protection of their usernames and passwords.

The user is aware of the fact that there is a possibility of service disruption, website technical issues and the occurrence of other events, which are beyond Clickico’s control. Clickico cannot be held responsible for any loss of data in case of the Clickico website failure.

Clickico has the right to change the website, its contents or delete any part of the contents without prior notice. Clickico has the right to suspend or change any of the stated general business terms and conditions, terms of use and/or privacy statement at any time. If users continue to use the Clickico website, they agree to the updated terms.

The user must use the Clickico website in accordance with the valid regulations of the Republic of Slovenia as well as the general principles of morals and ethics. The user must not advertise his nor anyone else’s offers without a prior consent from Clickico. The user must not persuade nor solicit other users to join websites which present a direct or indirect competition to Clickico.

The user uses the Clickico website at his own risk. Clickico may at any time terminate the business relation with users who do not comply with these general business terms and sales conditions or act in any inappropriate manner while using this website. Clickico has the right to terminate the user's username and password. In case of a termination of a registered user, the conditions that apply to unregistered users remain valid.

The content of the Clickico website is the property of Clickico Ltd. or is used with the explicit permission of the copyright and trademark and/or model holder. Any copying, reproduction, transmission, distribution, publication or changes to the Clickico website content without Clickico’s prior consent is prohibited.

The user agrees that Clickico is not responsible for any compensation for damages or costs, including costs of legal representation, which may arise when using the Clickico website.

The Clickico Ltd. company headquarters are located in Begunje na Gorenjskem, Slovenia. Resolutions of any legal disputes which may arise when using the Clickico websites fall under the jurisdiction of the Court of Kranj. Legal disputes shall be resolved in accordance with the valid regulations of the Republic of Slovenia.

Commerce terms

Clickico enables and operates online trading of goods on behalf and on account of its partner via the website in a way where the partner defines and offers a quantity discount according to the predetermined quantity of reserved items. Clickico enables the user to reserve the discounted price. The reservation later transforms into a purchase, providing that there has been a sufficient number of reservations made from other website users for that same item. At the same time the website offers a purchase of non-discounted items, should the partner decide to offer them.

The user is aware of the fact that Clickico acts merely as intermediary, therefore eventual contracts, made through the Clickico company web portals are only binding for the partners and the buyers involved. The Clickico Company is therefore not involved in any legal business made between the partners and the users or buyers of the goods. The company only acts as an intermediary in the advertising of the goods/products and in the execution of the purchase.

The purchase procedure

Should the partners enable such an option, the user can either order the item at the regular price (Price #1) by clicking the "Buy now" button or decide to take the discounted offer and reserve the item's price (Price #2) by clicking the "Reserve Price" button. The lower price (Price #2) can be reached when the same item gets a sufficient number of reservations from other Clickico users. The number that has to be reached is displayed by the Clickico indicator. Should the number of reservations suffice for the item to reach the Price #2, a new price (Price #3) may appear, which is even lower than the previous one (Price #2). At that point the user may decide to keep to the originally reserved price (Price #2) or actively participate in reserving the new price (Price #3) by clicking the option in his control panel. Whether or not all the users who participated in reserving the Price #2 will also participate in reserving the new price (Price #3) or keep to the current price (Price #2), is decided by their absolute majority (50.1%). Due to the common interest of buyers for a bargain purchase, Clickico regards all the participating users as being active in reserving the new, lower price (for example Price #3) until they decide for themselves, whether to participate or not. The number of price levels depends on the partners, who decide on that themselves. The maximum number of levels is 8 and the users can take part in the reservation process at whatever price level they wish.

The partner is obliged to provide the items of the contract in the best possible manner, in sufficient quantities and to follow the quality standards in the same or better way as he does when doing his regular business with clients.

Clickico is not the owner nor does it possess the items advertised through its website on behalf of its partner and is therefore not responsible for any issues or other difficulties which may occur when using the purchased items. For any information, complaints or questions the user or the buyer should contact the providing partner directly.

The partner is exclusively responsible for any problems regarding shipping or possible faulty items that the partner deals with. Clickico is not to be held responsible for any issues with goods included in the quantity purchase.

The partner is fully responsible for any injury, illness, damage, claims (warranty or others), costs and liabilities towards the buyer that may in whole or partially be caused by the partner or be attributed to the partner's goods.

All the items offered at the Clickico website must be paid for in full and cannot be paid for in terms of hire purchase.

Purchase example

When an item is bought at the original price (Price #1) the user's means of payment will be billed instantly by Clickico for the specified amount. By reserving a price at the next price lever (Price #2) or any other level, lower than the original price (Price #1), the user agrees with the authorization of his means of payment for the amount of the current price level. The authorization at the individual partner can take up to maximum of 7 days after the price is reserved. The discounted offer (Price #2 and any subsequent price) becomes successful when it is reserved by the minimum number of users; a number pre-determined by the partner in the accordance with the above stated terms. Whenever the user or the buyer reserves a price reservation and the offer becomes successful, his means of payment will only be billed for the amount of the final price level while the remaining funds are cleared.

Each user can cancel his price reservation before the price level, for which the price reservation was made, is reached. The cancellation of the reservation can be done in the website's control panel. A user account has to be set up in order to do that. Whenever the price reaches the new, lower price level (Price #3) a cancellation is no longer possible; the user either buys the item at that price or chooses an option to participate in the reservation process at the next price level (such as Price #4).

No registration is required in order to reserve or buy any of the products advertised on the website; the user only needs a valid e-mail account. Yet it is advised to set up an account to allow easy access to the shipping address or even required in case the user wants to view his past purchases, edit his orders or claims.

The buyer is aware that after the purchase contract for the item/product is made, the partner will contact the buyer through his Clickico partner account and make sure that the transaction is realized quickly and without any delays.

It is the partner's responsibility to notify the buyer about the delivery dates and means of shipment and if possible also provide a tracking number. In either case the partner is responsible to notify the buyer about the dispatch.


The payment service of the Clickico website is perfectly safe. We use the Wirecard system for all financial transactions. The system was developed by following the 3D Secure Cap standards and works with authentication programs of the world's biggest credit card systems - MasterCard's SecureCode™ and Verified by Visa™ from Visa International.

All financial transactions are carried out through the bank's website, where the buyers make a transaction through a security server with a 128-bit SSL certificate, issued by an authorized organization.

The website server does not store or record any user or credit/debit cards details so the credit/debit card information has to be entered manually for each financial transaction. Transactions are carried out at the bank's website via the secure link (https://) or via Hosted Payment Page (HPP). When carrying out a transaction with a credit/debit card the Clickico website redirects the buyer to the bank's website where a secure data transfer is then performed.

The buyer at the website guarantees the truthfulness and correctness of provided data. Any attempt of malicious practice or unauthorized purchase on behalf of a third person is subject to prosecution.

Clickico does not accept any payment or personal data from minors or individuals who are suspected to be underage without the explicit permission of their parents or legal guardians. Clickico does not offer free access to products or services that may be harmful to minors.

Clickico reserves the right to decline a credit/debit card payment if there is a reasonable suspicion that the card is being used by a minor without the consent of his parents or legal guardians. If Clickico was not able to identify the user at the time of purchase and the card was used by a minor without his parents' or legal guardians' consent, Clickico is not responsible for consequences and is not liable to refund the paid amount. The owner of the card is responsible for any handling of his card. Clickico agrees to find an optimal solution for both parties, should any problems with the credit/debit card occur.