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Privacy policy

Clickico is bound to protect all the personal data of its users and buyers since it only requests data, which is necessary for a successful business transaction and operation of the website. The required data is used in a way that Clickico informs their users and buyers about the use of their data, gives them an option to choose the means of notifications, and also provides them an option to decide whether or not their data can be used for promotional purposes. All the required data is completely secure and can only be accessed by the employees who handle it in order to carry out their work tasks. In accordance with the legislation, all the Clickico employees as well as their partners are required to follow the principles of privacy for every individual user or buyer at the Clickico website.

Privacy statement

The following confidentiality statement concerns the protection of personal data, which is found and used on the website Clickico, and is collected and stored in the website database, operated by the company Clickico Ltd. The company is liable to protect your privacy when storing and processing your personal data.

By accessing and using the Clickico website you agree to have read, understood and agreed to the privacy statement and the ways of using the website. If you do not entirely agree with the terms and conditions, you are advised to leave the website and refrain from accessing or using it.

Clickico collects the following data: your name and last name, address and place of residence, valid e-mail address (user name), contact phone number, password in an encrypted form and other information that buyers enter into the on-line forms at for the purpose of notifications on daily offers and the purchase related communication with customers, assistance in the application or special announcements. The phone number may only be used for a potential customer identification and means of contact in case of delivery, complaints, claims or refunds.

Clickico website users permit Clickico to retain, maintain, combine and process the collected personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, no. 86/04 and 67/07). Clickico is committed to ensure the protection of personal data in accordance with the law. Clickico has the right to process the collected data for the purpose of website's offer notifications, sampling, surveying and statistical data processing, for analyzing the use of services, offers and segmentation adjustments, market research, informing on novelties and special offers and for other marketing purposes. Clickico will not disclose any personal information to third parties or product providers except for the data that partners need in order to deliver their goods.


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